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A career with Dynamix s.a is one that will harness and develop the innovative and well-experienced IT professional. We are looking for resourceful and high-energy individuals who are poised for growth and success

Our comprehensive benefits programs are well-balanced in terms of being locally competitive and customizable to individual employee and family needs.
We maintain comprehensive, competitive benefits programs that address the health, welfare and security of our employees ,  they are designed with flexibility that facilitates selection according to employees' specific needs and circumstance:

- The working language is English (Diverse Projects,..)

- Action Plan for Faster Family Reunification (it takes about 4 months)

- Type of employment contract: CDI (Dynamix never dismissed Employees)

- First Home installation Assistance :

    Brussels is a well located city in the heart of Europe.  in Brussels you can travel by metro, or bus with the MOBIB card. If you do not have a card you can buy tickets in the metro stations or at the newsagents. If you’re looking to bag a place in the city centre then you’re probably facing around €500-750, if you are sharing a 2-3 bed place. A child or family allowance is a monthly payment from the Belgian government to families with children to help cover the costs of child care

         ·        92 euros for 1 child
   ·        260 euros for 2 children
   ·        510 euros for 3 children

-      Very Selective Recruitment (Communication Skills, languages …)

-      The organization of the technical interviews is done very quickly and The decision process is very short

-     Our priority: Quality is better than quantity because Dynamix SA has a good   reputation in the marketplace

-  Our clients are from different nationalities and types: the European Commission, Startup, Banks, Insurance Companies, Belgian governments

-     Excellent Salary, New vehicle and fuel card, Meal vouchers

-     Comprehensive medical coverage (medical examination, pharmacy fees, hospitalization: reimbursement of 85%)

-     Training , planned in the following technologies ( Angular 2 and 4, node js, mango db, express js, DevOps, Groovy, Java 8, GIT)

-     Accelerated training in Dutch and the Possibility of professional training in English for computer science

  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us  

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